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Rich is Not a Four-Letter Word takes on the progressive mind-set championed by liberals that gives government bureaucrats the right to decide what’s best for us, resulting in bigger government, more bureaucracy and wasted taxpayer money. It dissects Obamacare and Democratic tax initiatives to show how they have hamstrung the average American. And, best of all, it shows you how to fight back to overcome these left-wing financial hurdles. This is the book that will help you become financially successful despite the pickpocketing from Washington!

Rich is Not A Four-Letter Word shows you how to fight back against high medical and college prices, kick start your retirement and grow your next egg!

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Gerri Willis covers personal finance and consumer topics for the Fox Business Network where she is an anchor and reporter. Prior to joining FBN, Willis served as the personal finance editor for CNN Business News and hosted the weekly half-hour program entitled “Your Bottom Line,” which focused on ways to save Americans money and the economy’s effects on personal finance. Before CNN, she was senior financial correspondent at SmartMoney magazine.

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